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Smart Money Academy

 Where you learn how to remove financial stress from your life.


Here’s the truth: If you want to change your situation, you don’t need another self-paced program. You need a plan to follow, encouragement from someone you trust, and accountability from someone who cares.

A five-week program where you learn to take control of your finances and build cash savings.  

A five-week program where you learn to take control of your finances and build cash savings.  

Options That Won't Work - Hire a financial planner and pay them up to $2,000 for a comprehensive financial plan - Pay $200 for a program that takes you months to complete and requires you to get a babysitter, drive across town, and watch recordings of presentations - Shell out $100 to attend a seminar for a couple of hours - Buy a book full of advice for $20 with zero access to personalized support when you have questions  

Why They Won't Work: None provide any accountability or follow-up to walk with you in doing the hard work of bringing your financial life under control.  

The Solution: Smart Money Academy works because we will personally walk alongside you through every step of the five-week program, giving you the tools to understand your household cash flow plan, and helping you achieve your savings goals.  

Best of all, we guarantee the results if you do the work. Simply put: If you do the work, it works. 

In Smart Money Academy, you will do the work necessary to see results by focusing each week on specific deliverables that will bring you closer to financial freedom.  

Here's what you'll get when you join the program:

Two LIVE Teachings Per Week

On Mondays, I’ll outline the principles and expectations for the week so you know what to work on and how exactly to go about it. In the second weekly call, you’ll see these principles in action and have the opportunity to ask any questions that may have come up as you’re going through the current assignment. 

One Defined Goal Per Week 

You’ll complete one “bite-sized” project per week that will actively move you closer and closer to achieving financial freedom and set you up for success in reaching your bigger goals.

Small Group Community For Encouragement and Accountability

Instead of just sitting alone at your computer watching videos, you’ll interact with other members of the community to motivate and encourage one another.

Personalized Spending Plan Review

I’ll review your personal spending plan at the end of the progam so you know you are set up for success with your money.

Spending Audit Tool

This tool helps you account for every dollar so you can start reclaiming your hard-earned money. 

Cash Flow Tool

This resource helps you create a spending plan that doesn't restrict you. It sets you free. You will never again feel afraid to pull out your debit card or read your bank statement.

1:1 Freedom Coaching Call with Chris

At the end of the five-week course, you’ll have a private call with me to answer any lingering questions and to be sure you are confident in your plan to maintain your newfound financial freedom for the long haul.

My goal isn’t just to help you create an emergency fund and start to pay down your debt – it’s also to make sure that your financial legacy is one of security and confidence.  


Here's exactly what you'll do during the Smart Money Academy:

[To Be Determined at Enrollment Period]

Week 1 – Starting Line  

The road to financial freedom starts with the first step, and our first step is identifying where your money has been going up to this point.  

As much as this makes perfect sense, 90 percent of people don’t do this. Think of the audit as the foundation of your home. Without a solid foundation to build from, the rest of the house will crumble and fall.  

I get it; it’s not exactly the most exciting thing in the world to look over the expenses and actually see where you spend, or maybe even overspend, right?  

This is why I am going to show you exactly how to audit your expenses, how to break down your spending into bite-sized categories, and how to use this audit to jump start your Week 2 cash flow plan.  

By the end of Week 1, you’ll learn:  

- How to properly do a cash flow audit - How to break down your spending into categories for your cash flow plan - How to separate fixed vs flexible spending patterns - Where every dollar in your life has been going in a way that makes perfect sense  

Remember, what gets measured gets managed.  

Week 2 – First Steps First: Cash Flow Plan 

No more wondering where you money goes at the end of the month. You’ve done the audit to see where it has been going, and moving forward, you’re in charge from now on.  

This week you will be given a tool where you will take every dollar in your life and run it through the cash flow formula. The cash flow formula is going to simplify your life by removing the fear and stress of money and replacing it with your own unique path to financial freedom.  

And don’t worry – I am going to walk you step-by-step and show you exactly how to do it.  

By the end of Week 2, you will:  

- Learn how to use the Cash Flow Formula tool to start building your cash flow plan - Assign every dollar in your life a job - Create a system where you (and your spouse) can track your spending in real time  

Week 3 – From Walking to Running: Sinking Funds

Now that you have created your first cash flow formula, we are going to be proactive and create a savings plan using a method called sinking funds. You will finally start saving money with intention.  

By the end of Week 3, you will:  

- Identify your first sinking fund inside your cash flow formula - Create a sinking fund with a monthly plan in place - Build small savings goals that grow over time  

Week 4 – Hurdles  

The number one habit of highly successful people is that they are proactive. Instead of waiting for life to happen to them, they gain control over as much of their life as possible.  

This is also true for your money. As I am sure you are aware by now: what can go wrong, will eventually go wrong.  

My success is for your success to be ongoing and therefore we need to go over some of the biggest hurdles you will face when managing money the right way. This week I’ll also be bringing in a special guest speaker who knows first-hand how to overcome these hurdles.  

By the end of Week 4, you’ll learn:  

- How to anticipate the obstacles that will come your way - What expenses you need to be prepared for - How to manage the money inside a marriage (or any relationship)  

Week 5 – Repeat  

In four weeks you’ll go from following me, to leading your entire household on their own paths.  

This is the week we spend polishing up your cash flow formula together and finalizing a plan you can take with you into the future.  

By the end of Week 5, you’ll have:  

- Your personalized evergreen cash flow plan - $500 or more set aside for savings - A system you can continue to use month after month  

Each of the five weeks of Smart Money Academy will feature two live group coaching calls that follow this structure:

Day 1: Learning Remember, this is NOT an online course. Each week we will start with a LIVE video coaching call to understand exactly how to implement each week’s goal. If you have questions, I will have answers for you during our call. The days of watching online videos and trying to figure it out alone are over. Your success is my number one priority and our live video call will allow you to fully understand each week’s topic before you get started.  

Day 2: Real Life Use and Practice Look over my shoulder while I work live with one of your fellow Academy students and then have the opportunity to work on your plan while you are invited to ask questions in real time. It’s built-in accountability and action.  

Did I Mention We Guarantee Your Results?

After you’ve completed the lessons and corresponding action items, you’ll be tasked with creating your own distinctive spending plan to fit your income and your goals for the future. I will personally review your spending plan and give you feedback to make sure your plan is sound and achievable based on your day-to-day reality.  

Because personal finance isn’t one-size-fits-all. Personal finance is personal.  



  • This program will work for you because I am 100 percent committed to helping you succeed. I won’t just throw you in a private Facebook group with a bunch of other people who have also lost their hope when it comes to money and expect you to stumble along together without direction. Smart Money Academy includes a clear path to success and accountability along the way. 
  • Your progress on each action item is tracked daily and I’ll communicate with you if you fall behind. 
  • Real accountability means there are also consequences for getting off track. - You’ll be warned publicly if you miss your first deadline. - You’ll be removed from the program if you miss a second deadline.
  • Ultimately, your accountability is not to me or even to this program, but to yourself and your family. Until you are comfortable taking on the full weight of this responsibility for yourself, I will come alongside you and help shoulder the burden, but this isn’t a magic pill you can swallow and *poof* all your debt is gone. If you’re not willing to do the work to achieve financial freedom, you’re just wasting my time and the time of the other people who are here to make a real change in their lives.  

You Might Be Wondering...

How long does this program take?

Smart Money Academy is a five-week program. The next session will run from September 30 through October 30, 2019. Each week you can expect to spend two hours on live coaching calls, and another two to three hours a week working on your assignments.

How much do you actually help me?

You wouldn’t go to the gym and hire a personal trainer and then expect him to do all the heavy lifting would you? Nor would he bark orders at you and then leave you alone with the machines. When you sign up for Smart Money Academy, you’re getting your own personal finance trainer, fully invested in your success. Although you’ll have to do the heavy, hard work of looking honestly at your spending habits and creating a cash flow plan, I will be with you each step of the way as a “spotter” to guide you.

When are the live sessions and what happens if I miss one?

Live video coaching calls take place on Monday and Wednesday each week. Since our live calls are action-oriented, I do encourage you to attend as many of them as possible. However, I also get that sometimes life happens. You’ll have access to recordings of everything, so you’ll be able to revisit the calls and catch up on your own time if necessary.

Does my spouse have to attend the live sessions with me?

When the marriage has financial problems, the marriage itself has problems. Money isn’t isolated; every aspect of life is touched by money, and in a healthy marriage, ideally, you’re going through life together – problems and all. Although it’s not a requirement for partners to go through Smart Money Academy jointly, I do think it’s a very, very good idea. If scheduling prevents both of you from participating in the live sessions together, you can access the recordings to stay on the same page.

Meet your Smart Money Academy instructor

I’m Chris Peach and I am on a mission to help you save more money, pay off debt faster, and build wealth for your future. I want to help those who are losing or have already lost hope when it comes to money. The ones who feel like they have worked so hard and have nothing to show for it. I want to help those who are struggling with money, who don’t know where to start, who have exhausted their ability to figure it out on their own, and who are willing to try something different. Getting out of debt can feel like an unattainable fairy tale, but it doesn’t have to be. I know because I’ve been there and I found the way out. Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.  

How do I know this will work for me?

This programs works because we will hold you accountable to three things:  

  • Have to take action. 
  • Have to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.
  • Be required to put in effort each week to do something that will take you closer to your goal. 

And my ultimate goal is for you to be successful. In the Smart Money Academy, your success at the end of our five weeks together is defined by: - $500 (or more!) set aside for savings; and, - A spending plan you can return to over and over again to manage your finances for the rest of your life.  

I take your success so seriously, that if I fail to deliver on these two promises, you will be issued a full refund.  

Finally, a REAL Guarantee

It’s simple: If you don't graduate the program with an evergreen cash flow plan and $500 saved within the 5 weeks, we'll give you your money back. When we say we "guarantee you will create a plan and save money," we mean it.

If you do the work each week, it works. This is why we feel so strongly about guaranteeing actual results and why we are willing to take on the risk. If for some reason you apply everything you learn each week and you don't get the results we are promising - then you will be given a full refund.

We aren't just guaranteeing your "satisfaction," we are guaranteeing your results. 

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Doors will re-open January 2020 

We open and close enrollment quick, so make sure to get set up for enrollment notifications! 

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